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What is Online Poker?

Poker: From Bars to the Web

When we think of poker, there is a good chance a western cowboy movie, with cowboy characters sitting around a table playing cards come to mind. This is the classic image of poker that has been seared into many people’s minds. This would be the old fashion version of the game we know as poker. There may not be many cowboys left playing poker in seedy bars, but the enthusiasm and following that poker enjoys have not diminished. In fact, it has only grown in recent years. Instead of the old fashion brick and mortar poker joints, with cards made from paper, it is morphing into a game played with a computer mouse. In short, as with many games and entertainment, poker is evolving with the times. This is good news for those of us who enjoy playing a card game, especially for the money, in our pajamas.

Online vs Traditional

A traditional poker online game, as those of us who have played know, involves close contact with our fellow players. We sit around the table, someone shuffles the cards and distributes them. After the cards, have been passed around, we look at what we’ve been served. This is a pivotal moment in a traditional game. Because this is when we read our opponents reaction and observe body language. In the world of poker, this is called a “tell”. Gauging our opponents tell, we make decisions regarding how much to bet and when to fold the cards. In other words, there is a certain physicality to the game. Players who are good at reading body language, invariably go on to become great poker players. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that poker is more of a psychological game, rather than a card game. This isn’t the case with online poker.

Pokers and Pyjamas

Online poker is a whole different animal. When the cards have been “dealt” we make our decisions strictly based on the cards served. The obvious reason for this is because we do not see our opponents. All we have to go by is the level of confidence our opponents are showing by their betting strategy, not by the story their body language is saying. So, what’s the fun in that? Some may ask. Well, it all depends on what people are comfortable with. One of the biggest reasons why online poker is very popular is that it is far less intimidating, especially for novices. The thought of walking into a casino and sitting with strangers to play will be enough to scare off many people. The idea of being able to play in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home is alluring.

Legit Poker

Having said all that, it is important to do your homework before joining an online poker website. The simple reason is there are scam sites operating from a place where playing a game for money, is simply not legal. If they get caught, then the legal complications of doing business with such an enterprise, is anyone’s guess. Those types of companies are only interested in getting your credit card number. However, if all is good to go, then playing online poker can be tremendous fun.

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