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The Rise of Online Poker

Online poker is, quite simply, the game of poker played online. Played by millions worldwide, its popularity continues to increase both here in the U.S. and globally. More and more gamblers are discovering that this way of playing is much more convenient, and oftentimes more entertaining, than the traditional sit down, gambling session around the table.

Poker is turning out to be a losing bet for casinos

Casinos, as all gamblers know, are “in it” for the money. Lots of money, in fact. They are finding that running poker tables or a poker room doesn’t account for nearly enough income, accounting for only about one percent of casino revenue. Valuable space taken up with poker tables is now being turned into areas where more profitable games, like slot machines, are put in.

Online poker appeals to players at all levels of experience

Those players with lesser experience, or are new to playing poker, are often hesitant in going to traditional poker playing venues. It can be quite intimidating sitting down at a table with total strangers, not knowing how good or experienced they are. After all, money is at stake here, and everyone in the game is there to win big. Going into the game raw and inexperienced immediately puts that player at a huge disadvantage, one big handicap many players don’t want to endure.

Agen poker online allows players of all skill levels a comfortable, and most often much cheaper means of entry. Novices can find sites and games with free entry, and play games for next to nothing. Experienced players, and those wishing for big money games can likewise find sites catering to their interests. Big tournaments with major payouts are happening all the time on a wide variety of different online poker sites, so players often enjoy playing on a number of different sites. They may find that some sites are much more enjoyable to play, and prove to be more profitable for them. Some of the fun in the whole process can be trying the new and different gaming sites out on the internet.

The means by which online poker sites make profits

Generally speaking, online poker sites make their money in the following ways:

The rake. This is the fee paid by each player to the site hosting the game. Normally, it is a percentage of the pot, on a sliding scale, up to a maximum cap.

Entry fees. Players can be charged a flat buy-in fee, along with a percentage of the buy-in fee, to enter given tournaments. So if the buy-in fee is, for example, $30, and the entry fee is 10 percent, the total the player must pay for entry into the game is $33.

Other games. Many online poker sites also offer other games players can pay to play, playing against the house. This provides for a nice income stream for the hosting site, as like any brick and mortar casino, the odds are in the house’s favor.

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