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Why playing a TAG could be your best shot as a beginner in poker

The new comers to online poker games are attracted by the reputation and buzz that surrounds the game. It could not be wrong to term it as the most popular and coolest place to spend time gambling, that’s if you are a gambler at heart and soul.

In poker, any time you are playing, you have to make two decisions when it is your time to play. You can either choose to fold the hand you dealt with you or opt to play it. But that’s not the end, and you will have to either call the reigning bet or raise it.

Types of strategies

Your decisions will be based on two common strategies applied in poker. Playing tight and playing loose.

When you choose to play tight, you are deciding to play only a few of the hands dealt with you. Playing loose is when you play all the hands available to you.

And there’s being aggressive and passive. Being aggressive is when you choose to raise the bet instead of calling it. Passive is when you call the current bet amount.

TAG player

As a beginner, you should go for the tight-aggressive (commonly known as TAG) style when playing poker. TAG strategy is the best for those starting their poker career.

All the TAG players are the people who always dominate the poker game. TAG strategy gives them tactics of selecting hands to play and when to fold.

When you learn TAG playing, you will know the power of position at the table; as a result, you can will boatloads of cash by just playing the minor stake games.

Hawk-eyed poker style

Being new to all the agen poker struggles, your opponents will be taking advantage of that by pushing you towards tough spots that can result in loss of more chips. But arming yourself with tight and aggressive play style as a newbie will help you identify such pit holes miles away.

You will be folding hands most of the time (almost 80% of hands dealt) which ensures the security of your chips.

Those opponents using tight-passive and loose passive will be walk in the park for you without having much experience under your belt. And since you are new, you will have a chance to stay longer on the table, and you will be observing how you opponents make decisions as well as what works and what doesn’t. You will need it as you grow in online poker.

Save the best for later

TAG players know that the last act will be a good one, so they hold their position by forcing the opponents to make a fold. By learning to do so as a beginner, you’ll be having a superior hand later and piling up your pot. A bigger pot will earn you give you a big win. And as a beginner, it doesn’t get better than that.


If you forget anything, remember that learning tight and aggressive strategy as a beginner lifts all the decisions and thinking for you, and you’ll be moving away from marginal hands. Results? Few mistakes but huge profit.

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