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Online Soccer Betting Tips – How to make the most bang for your buck

In some ways, betting soccer resembles betting on any other sport. In some ways, betting soccer varies vastly from any other sport. Let’s start with the similarities.

Betting Strategy

Regardless of the sport, general betting strategy applies. Successful soccer betting applies the same general strategy as betting on other sports.

Know the Teams

  • Bet on familiar teams whose players and history you know well.
  • Exercise self-control in betting. Don’t take extremely risky bets.
  • Set a loss limit at the outset. This means the amount you can comfortably lose. Don’t exceed it.
  • When you win, withdraw the winnings. Continue betting with your original stake.
  • When you lose, don’t borrow or bet bigger to try to make up for it. Calmly continue with your initial betting strategy.


Pick a league. Pick a handful of teams. You don’t need to bet every day. Once per week is plenty. Study the following aspects of each of your chosen teams to determine who to bet on for a win.

Soccer Betting Types

  • Know the team roster. Who plays regularly? Who saves the game? Study recent match reports to determine strength of opposition. Did they win or lose due to a stellar day on the part of a key player?
  • Study the home and away performances. Is the team best at home? Does it play poorly in certain weather conditions away?
  • Look at historical head-to-head matchups. How did each team fare through the years. Does history repeat itself?
  • Review the injury reports. Are key players injured? How many games will the player miss? Who replaces the player?
  • Review the suspension reports. Who can’t play and for how many games? Who replaces them?
  • How motivated is the team? Do they need points? This plays special importance as the season nears close. Does the club go for the domestic cup?
  • Study the schedule and strength of schedule. Has the team played a few in a row? Did they seem tired in the last match? How many rest days do they have until the next match? How important is the next match?


Soccer offers some unfamiliar betting options to many accustomed to betting American football. The sport holds world-wide appeal and is bet on across the globe.


  • Three-way moneyline: Yes, three-way. Unlike American football, which forces a clear winner via overtime, European football, aka soccer, allows draws, although World Cup play requires a clear winner to progress. A gambler can bet the moneyline for either team to win or for a draw to occur, providing three different outcomes. Most soccer bets are settled based on the first 90 minutes of play (regular time), enhancing the possibility of a draw.
  • Two-way moneyline without a draw: The gambler can choose to bet that no draw occurs and chooses a clear winner.
  • Goal lines bets: This bet type allows the bettor to bet on multiple game outcomes. This is similar to the points spread in American football or basketball, or puck lines in hockey. For most games it’s 0.5 goals. Games with a strong favorite though may boast a goal line of 1.5 or 3. For example, a bet on your favorite team at -2.5 goals means they have to win by three or more goals for you to win the bet. A bet for a team at +2.5 goals means the teams can lose by one or two goals, draw, or win for you to win your bet. The sportsbooks set the goal lines for each time, just as they do the point spreads.
  • Betting totals: Although this may sound familiar, soccer handles totals differently than any other sport. It uses multiples of .25 goals. The sportsbook may set a total of 2.25 goals. If you bet the over, half of the bet rides on over two, half on over 2.5. If the game settles on two goals, you lose half of the bet and get refunded the other half. If it settles on three goals, you win both bets.


Betting soccer differs from betting on any other sport. The key is to pick a handful of teams, know them well, and form a betting strategy you stick to no matter what – also a good platform to place your bets on, like ผลบอล. Find the betting type that works for you and use it regularly.

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